Manage Your Anxiety

Reset your body's natural "car alarm" to an appropriate level with hypnosis.


You woke up worried and unrested ...again.  Now you're worrying about how bad the anxiety will be today.

You're having trouble staying present with your friends and family, and every interaction has become another opportunity for things to go wrong.

It just doesn't seem to stop, and when it does, it's never for long. Yesterday the anxiety was rough, and it seems to be getting worse every day. Now, anxiety is taking over your life, leaving you dreading yet another anxious evening full of worries and racing thoughts as you struggle to get to sleep.

Anxiety can cause people to go through life always expecting something bad is about to happen.

As you might have experienced, chronic anxiety can cause you to withdraw or even avoid the things you love.

Anxiety can rob you of life enjoyments until you know how to beat it.

How Hypnosis works TO MANAGE ANXIETY

Anxiety can often be heavily reduced or even eliminated when you know how. Hypnosis can be an effective way to end panic attacks by retraining the mind to experience things in a more calm way. 

During your first session, we will reprogram your mind so you can feel more comfortable in many more situations, without all the worries and tightness in your chest.

In MY ANXIETY RELIEF program, you'll learn to:

  • Turn off the physical aspect of anxiety that drives the "what-if" thoughts and panic attacks
  • Take control of your emotional responses
  • Rewire your mind to think more calm and peacefully automatically
  • Think more clearly about upcoming events
  • Understand anxiety for what it really is so it doesn't seem so big and scary
  • Feel more relaxed anytime, anywhere without stepping away from the situation
  • Enjoy life so much more

Schedule your free discovery call to discover how hypnosis is likely different than you expected and how it can change your life for good.


My hypnosis program offers you a comfortable way to feel more relaxed in many more situations, put an end to the constant worries and "what if" thinking, and allow you to enjoy a more fulfilling life in just a few sessions. My powerful anxiety relief hypnosis program includes the following:

  • Personalized hypnosis sessions online or in our office in Wayne, PA
  • Reinforcement at home with hypnosis audio recordings
  • Tools & Techniques to manage anxiety and worrisome thoughts

What My Clients Say

Dawn L

TV Producer

Expert customization made my experience with Nicole at Turning Tide surpass my expectations!  My goal was difficult to articulate, but Nicole asked all the right questions and prepared a unique plan for me - before the hypnotherapy even started. 

If you’re looking for a Practitioner focused solely on you, look no further, “let Turning Tide be your guide."

Nelly S

Story Producer

Nicole listened to my situation, was honest with me on the difficulty of developing a program for my particular needs, but at the end came through. My mind, for the first time since my mother's death, was calm and restful. I was able to focus on the warmth of her life rather than the sadness of her death. 

Nicole gave me pointers for what I can do throughout my day when the pain comes crawling back up, and it does. But this time, I'm ready for it and I don't allow it to win.

Carl W

Truck Driver

I was never able to quit for more than a month before. Immediately after my session, I felt different and I didn't have any urges to smoke. Smoking is just a fleeting thought that pops into my head and floats right out again.


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During your discovery CALL you will get:

  • Your questions answered. Get honest answers from a certified hypnotist in Philadelphia, PA.
  • A customized plan to address your challenges. If hypnosis is right for you, we'll discover the right hypnosis program for your needs.
  • Detailed and honest evaluation. By the end of your call you will know if hypnosis is right for you in your situation and pricing will be detailed.

You have nothing to lose except the worry!

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