Meet Nicole Monte

Nicole Monte is a certified hypnotist who firmly believes that the quality of a person's thoughts directly affects the quality of a person's life.

With over 20 years as a reality TV Producer, she has seen firsthand how people's deep-seated habits, fears, and emotions can prevent them from overcoming obstacles to achieve their goals and dreams.

As a result, she became certified in hypnosis as a way to help people learn to change their thinking, get out of their own way, and give them tools that enable them to live their best lives, no matter what challenges they may face.

Curious what it's like to work together?

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You might have questions about hypnosis and how it works to help you reach your goals, which is why your first 30-minute discovery session over the phone is free of charge. This discovery session will give us the opportunity to find out more about the nature of your challenge and an effective solution to achieving your goals. Here's what you can expect on your call...

During your discovery session you will get:

  • Your questions answered. Get honest answers from a certified hypnotist in Philadelphia, PA.
  • A customized plan to address your challenges. If hypnosis is right for you, we'll discover the right hypnosis program for your needs.
  • Detailed and honest evaluation. By the end of your call you will know if hypnosis is right for you in your situation and pricing will be detailed.

You have nothing to lose except your challenge.

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